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Show your support!

Thank you for donating to CORE Trauma Healing Center, Inc.

Your donation will help us launch: 

~A statewide peer-led response program for first responders, medical providers and other professionals who experience work-based trauma that is inherent in their occupation.

~A state wide social marketing campaign to increase awareness of occupational trauma, it's signs and supportive resources for assistance. 

~A free, private statewide support group, Got Your Back, for professionals dealing with Pro-PTSI. 

These funds will cover the costs of the statewide support network, insurance, clinical supervision, and related expenses. 

Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated! You can donate in honor of someone - just include it in the message. You can make a one-time or ongoing donation. Remember to print out your tax-deductible donation receipt!

Donate through PayPal by clicking here: 

or scan here:

Thank you for your support of core!

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